Meet the Team

Adrian M. Anhood, CAFS


Adrian brings a depth of knowledge and hands-on field experience to the team with 19 years of Filtration industry experience.  Leading with a vision of improved air for all.  As a Certified Air Filtration Specialist (CAFS) and graduate of the University of Southern California, he builds knowledge through extensive field work and involvement in NAFA, ASHRAE, and other industry organizations, to bring the best of market solutions to our users.

Karen R. Lopez, CAFS

Sales Manager

Karen brings 18 years of company experience to the team.  Well known by customers and employees, as she maintains deep involvements with day-to-day operations.  Armed as a Certified Air Filtration Specialist (CAFS) Karen aids customers with in depth filter knowledge.  Outside work, she enjoys baking and spending time with family.

Albert Han

Chief of Staff

Albert organizes and aligns strategic priorities within the leadership team to influence outcomes and maintain momentum for FFC. He proposes and creates new systems and procedures to streamline operations. He also implements team building though culture improvements and best talent acquisition.

Allen Dukes

Director of Sales

Allen brings 20+ years of Sales Leadership experience from the Communications & Electronics industries. He has passion for developing/mentoring reps. He enjoys spending time with his family and geeking out on science fiction.


Bryan Campos

Senior Account Executive 

Bryan brings knowledge and experience, 11 years with the company.  Providing best practices for customers specific applications.  His wealth of filter knowledge is a go-to for many in the department.  An US Army Veteran and sports junkie who enjoys the outdoors; frequently playing softball, snow snowboarding, and fishing.

John Harvey

Regional Account Manager

John has over a decade of experience in business development with 3 years in the air filter industry. He's focused on supplying his customers the best air filtration for their applications. He specializes in school districts, colleges, hospitals, country clubs, and state detention centers. He enjoys taking his family on vacations, riding motorcycles, and being part of a Nostalgia Funny Car team. 

Jorge Lopez

Account Executive

Jorge is someone who truly cares about his customers and works diligently to make them happy. He loves his family and enjoys working out. He's a self motivator that believes nothing is given to you, nobody owes you anything, but you can have anything if you work hard for it.

Alan White

Account Executive

Alan is always there for his customers and provides detailed options best fit for their applications. He enjoys playing softball, body surfing, working out, and shooting videos.

Christina Wyatt

Account Executive

Christina bring tons of sales experience from various industries. She's extremely easy to work with because of her bright, outgoing personality. She's originally from Kentucky. Her passion is writing and she has a book published.

Account Managers

Angela Morgan

Account Manager

Angela truly cares about taking care of her customers and enjoys building long term relationships with them. She's a member of the San Pedro Art Association, and in her free time she creates wire wrapped trees for her booth at Crafted San Pedro. She also loves spending time in nature. 

Mariel Briones

Account Manager

Mariel is a very knowledgeable and a honest resource for her customers. She provides the human connection in customer service that they deserve. She's passionate about living a sustainable lifestyle and learning more about our environment. She enjoys spending time with family, being in nature, practicing mindful meditation, and learning more about consciousness.

Jacob Campbell

Account Manager

Jacob feels the best way to help his customers is to provide them quick and memorable services that lead to solutions. His hobbies are distance running, cooking, and playing guitar.


Donna McIver

Credit & Collections

Donna is a swiss army knife to our front office operations. She's extremely knowledgable and is able to help out wherever she can. Her and her husband enjoy camping.

Flor Ramirez

Office Manager

Flor brings more than 35 years experience with the company.  Her experience includes past roles in production, shipping and administration.  Her experience and exposure makes her an invaluable asset to the team. Flor enjoys listening to music and spending time with her daughters.

Michael Kimmitt

Senior Buyer

Michael brings his supply chain expertise to the challenges of finding the right products to meet our clients' needs. He enjoys bicycles, board games, and exploring LA with his family and friends.

Dee Gustavson

Industrial Engineer

Dee brings over 30 years of engineering experience from the toy industry. She works closely with the production team and management to continually improve our quality air filters. She's very passionate about sustainability, growing gardens, and butterflies.

Francisco Padilla    

Lead Machinist 

Francisco is our Swiss Army Knife in the warehouse and front man for our machines. He has a passion for teaching and helping people improve themselves. He enjoys soccer, music, and playing with his 3 kids.

Lizandra Salazar

Office Assistant

Liz is amazing at assisting the office team to ensure things are running smoothly.  Always willing to help, she is an excellent addition to the team.