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Commercial Buildings & Retail Spaces

Learn how Florence Filter solutions can help you create a better and more productive environment for all occupants.

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Medical Facilities

Learn how Florence Filter can optimize your facilities by guiding clean air solutions and allowing easy maintenance and long service life as our products adopt new surgical specialties.

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Custom Orders

Need a hard-to-find or custom size? We have your filter!

Wide Range of Available Filters

  • HVAC Building Filters

  • Pleated Filters

  • Pleated Elements

  • Bag Filter 

  • Rigid Packs

  • V-Cells

  • Bulk Media

  • Pads 

  • Media Rolls

  • Fiberglass Rolls and  Fiberglass Pads

  • Polyester Rolls and Polyester Pads

  • Hog Hair Rolls and Hog Hair Pads

  • Foam Rolls and Foam Pads

  • Electrostatic Filters 

  • Rigid Filters with ASHRAE Ratings

  • Permair Pads and Rolls

  • Replacement Media

  • Pre Filters

  • Final Filters

  • Air Handler Filters

  • Gas Turbine Filters

  • Residential Air Cleaners

  • Paint Arrestors

  • Automotive Spraybooth filters

  • Paint Booths

  • Downdraft Booths

  • Down Draft Media

  • Cross Draft Booths

  • Powder Coating Cartridges

  • Washable Filters

  • Foam Pads and Rolls 

  • Foam Filters

  • Machinery Filters

  • Metal Air Filters 

  • Metal Grease Filters

  • Baffle Filters

  • Intake Filters

  • Exhaust Filters

  • Paint Arresters

  • Multi-Stage Filters

  • Media Blankets

  • Custom Size Filters

  • Minipleats

  • Deep Pleats / Fold Filters

  • Primary Filters

  • Demisting filters

  • Evaporator Cooler Pads

  • Odor Control Filters

  • Carbon Filters

  • Carbon Media

  • Embedded Media

  • Cleanroom Filters

  • HEPA Filters

  • ULPA Filters

  • SULPA Filters

  • Fillers Housing Units

  • UV Bulbs and Ballasts

  • Dust Collection Cartridges

  • Cylinder Filters

  • Shaker Bags

  • Liquid Bags

  • Torit Dust Collectors

  • Donaldson Cartridges

  • Cut and Cap Filters

  • Micropleats