For 53 years and counting,

We Care About Your Air.

Florence Filter was founded in 1971 to address custom filtration needs with quality products made in the USA. 

Between our 55,000 square feet of warehouse inventory and refined supply lines, you can count on the filters you need being available when you need them. Our filtration products are made in-house by our dedicated team at our facility in Compton, California.

Have a fabrication request? We specialize in making custom-size filters to fit your exact size needs. 

Mission: At Florence Filter, our mission is to champion the cause of cleaner air for all. Guided by a deep commitment to health and well-being, we strive to provide accessible solutions that elevate the quality of indoor environments, ensuring you can breathe a little easier. We believe everyone deserves access to clean air.


  • Education: We empower through knowledge, sharing insights that unlock the power of clean air for healthier living.
  • Customer Service Excellence: We stand as a pillar of support, offering not just products, but a commitment to exceptional service that exceeds expectations.
  • Quality Craftsmanship, Made in the USA: Proudly crafting products of the highest quality, made with precision and care in the USA. We strive to embody the enduring values of craftsmanship and reliability.
  • Legacy Since 1971: With a rich legacy dating back to 1971, we honor our roots by continuously evolving while staying true to our mission of cleaner air and healthier lives.

Florence Filter takes great pride in adhering to the Equal Opportunity Employment Law to ensure fair treatment in all aspects of employment. We strictly prohibit discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, disability, and veteran status; However, our Equal Opportunity Policy goes beyond legal requirements. Our commitment to diversity is reflected in the makeup of our staff. We are a majority female-owned entity as well as a proudly Certified Small Business. 

We are better equipped to relate and connect with our customer base by embracing a diverse workforce. Our employees, representing various backgrounds, contribute to a richer understanding of customer needs and preferences. This not only allows us to better serve our existing customers, but also opens doors to reach a wider range of customers who appreciate and seek out businesses that prioritize this understanding.

Founded as a small family-owned business by immigrants, our company values close-knit relationships within our team. We take immense pride in having employees who have been with us for over four decades, contributing to the continuity and success of our small business. Their dedication and longevity speak to our commitment to providing equal opportunities and a supportive workplace for all. This familial experience extends to our customers, creating a unique bond built on trust, understanding, and shared values. Our origin story shapes our approach to customer service, ensuring a personalized and empathetic connection with each customer. Our commitments not only enrich our workplace, but enhance our ability to connect with and serve a diverse and dynamic customer base.

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A History of Florence Filter
The Beginning

William Anhood founds Florence Filter in his garage in California, naming the new company after his beloved wife, Flor.


First industrial garage established for fulfillment | 4,000 sq ft.

Florence Filter Tri-Wall patent established ®


First facility established on Blake St in Los Angeles | 7,500 sq ft.

Florence Filter is formally Incorporated in California, adding the "C" to FFC.

Blake Street Facility expanded | 14,000 sq ft.


New Facility at Susana Rd, Dominguez Industrial Park | 25,000 sq ft.


Newly Built Facility at 530 W. Manville St in Compton, California | 50,075 sq ft.


Office expansion at Manville Facility


25 Year Anniversary


Mini Pleat technology brought to market


50 Year Anniversary


Pacific Northwest expansion

Looking to the future, we remain dedicated to innovation and expansion to ensure clean air meets uncompromising quality for the well-being of all.

Historical Facilities
Years of Excellence
Unique Filtration Products
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